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Mobile Phone Screen Repair

The main display on a mobile phone is normally made of two parts, the LCD display and a transparent cover, known as a LENS, that protects the delicate LCD. The display on a PDA / organizer is a one-piece component comprising an LCD display with a touch screen sensor called a DIGITIZER.

Some of the reasons for your mobile phone LCD screen cracking are:

  • The mobile phone has been dropped.
  • The mobile phone has been carried in a back pocket: This can put excess pressure on the display causing it to twist and eventually crack.
  • Something heavy hit or fell on the phone.

If your display still works but there is a visible crack over it, then this is the lens that has cracked, and we can easily replace this part for you.  If the display is unreadable or has a black/blue stain on it, then this is likely to be an LCD fault and again we can easily replace this part for you. The price of a replacement screen does vary according to phone model, so please call to see how easy it is to fix your phone.

All Phone Repairs can fix 99% of all hardware issues and ensure that you get a great service at a very competitive price. Complete our form below and we can get back to you with a quote and instructions of how to send your mobile phone to us. Other hardware issues we diagnose, and fix are Bluetooth, Signal Issues, Camera Repairs, mobile phone housing repairs.