Battle of Samsung Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10

How do you choose between the two newest Samsung smartphones? While the Galaxy Fold is set to roll out later in the year, the Galaxy S10 hit the shelves in March 2019. Both devices will break boundaries, industry records, and offer innovative features. Samsung announced their new line of devices at their event in February 2019, unveiling smartphones with similar specs, but with different, revolutionary technology. To help you decide between devices, CPR has compared the Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10.

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10
Whether you want to splurge on a luxury device or upgrade to the latest smartphone, both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy S10 are perfect solutions. However, if you’re deciding on which device would best suit you and your lifestyle, consider the following details before making a purchase.

samsung phone s10
Screen Size
The Samsung Galaxy S10 has three different models: the S10, S10+, and S10e. Each model has a different screen size, including the S10 with a 6.1-inch edge-to-edge screen. All models of the S10 smartphone have the same specs with the most significant differences in the number of cameras and the amount of battery power.

If you’re searching for an entirely different screen than you’re used to on a smartphone, the Galaxy Fold may be for you. When folded, the screen has a 4.6-inch cover display, but when you unfold the device, it boasts a much larger 7.3-inch display. The Galaxy Fold also features app continuity, creating a seamless transition between screens.

Camera Capabilities
Samsung understands that smartphone users want their device to capture incredible images. That’s why both devices feature a next-generation camera. The Galaxy Fold features a six-camera system complete with a triple rear camera, dual front camera, and a single cover camera. The S10 also offers a triple rear camera system as well as a single front camera to help you capture pictures like a pro. The use of artificial intelligence on the S10 optimizes colors and provides composition tips to help create a stunning image, making the S10’s camera pro-grade.

Along with innovative features and impressive specs, Samsung’s new devices were created to have plenty of battery life so you can use them day and night. The Galaxy S10 boasts an all-day battery while the Galaxy Fold comes loaded with two separate batteries. Each of the Galaxy Fold batteries is equipped with 4,380 mAh, ensuring your device won’t die when you need it most. The S10 features a 3,400 mAh battery that has the ability to charge other devices on the back of the phone. With either device, you’re sure to have enough power to last all day.

Unique Features
Along with the impressive specs both devices offer, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 each offer unique features. The Galaxy Fold allows you to multi-task in three different apps, something that’s never been done before on a smartphone. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 features an Instagram mode in the camera app that allows you to take pictures and share them instantly with your followers. While both devices have similar features, their unique elements set them apart.

Making a Decision
If you’re deciding between the Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10, it’s best to choose the one that matches your lifestyle. The Galaxy S10 may be best if you enjoy taking high-quality pi

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